Volunteer Opportunities

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If you are interested in volunteering in the garden, please fill out the form below along with the areas you are most interested in from the categories listed below.  Please note that volunteers generally need to be 15 or older but there will be occasional exceptions for certain projects, etc. Once we have your information we will use sign-up genius to communicate and we will likely have some orientation sessions as well. We have a volunteer rewards program as a thank you for your time. Every 2 1/2 work session you will earn $5.00 to spend at our farm stand. 

We will also have ongoing opportunities open to larger groups and youth. These events will be posted on Facebook and we will send out information via email.

We thank each of you in advance. We could not do this without our volunteers!

Farm Volunteer Categories: Farming, Animal Care, and Events. 

Farm Duties:

• Washing and packaging vegetables for market

• Laying row covers, drip lines

• Weeding

• Washing vegetable bins

• Harvesting

Animal Care:

This might be particularly good for teens that are thinking of going into animal care, vet school or even farming and, of course, it doesn't hurt to get volunteer hours!  


• Cleaning the coop and the run.

• Sweeping around coop and storage areas and clean outside of the coop.

• Chicken Sitting- unfortunately, we cannot let the chickens roam free without being watched because we have a few hawks on the property, but if people are hanging out with them, hawks tend to stay away

Goats and sheep

• Barn cleaning


This is on an occasional basis:

• Set up

• Parking

• Greeters

• Games

• Crafts

• Food

• Clean-up


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