Sweet Pea Plant (Midnight) 4'' Pot


Sweet Pea Plant (Midnight) 4'' Pot


“Fragrant sweet pea blossoms are perhaps the most romantic flower ever grown. They have a power that causes their admirers to linger in the garden and even clip some sweet peas to carry inside. While the blossoms last only 5-7 days in a vase, I have been told by flower lovers that it is the best 5 days ever! It can be a struggle to grow these flowers for those living in regions with hot summers, because they are often planted too late. Depending on the region, sweet peas thrive best when planted in fall (as we do here in zone 7) or in very early spring in colder areas.

Full sun: 6-8 hours

Zone: Winter hardy to zone 7
Height: Vines 36"- 72", Stems 8"- 14"
Spacing: Landscape 12"; Cutting 12"
Deer resistance: Good
Reseeding potential: Slight
Container use: Excellent

Excellent drainage is a must for sweet peas. Use vertical support netting on strong posts or provide a decorative trellis that will keep the vines upright in the garden.

Covering with a single or double layer of floating row cover will give added winter protection in colder regions and produce a more robust vine earlier in the season.

Harvesting or deadheading sweet pea vines on a regular basis will keep new blooms developing well into summer.
For Cut Flowers: Make the cut at the base of the stem. Harvest sweet pea blooms when half to fully open; they do not continue to open after cutting. When taller stems are needed, cut the vine with several stems of blooms and use it as a stem. The vine will regrow in favorable growing conditions.
In the Landscape: Removing the faded flowers weekly will keep the vines producing. There are no benefits to leaving the stem of a faded flower – so make the cut at the base of the stem to remove. This will keep the garden full of fresh new flowers. To encourage reseeding, let some seed pods develop to self-seed.”

Excerpt From
Cool Flowers
Lisa Mason Ziegler

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